Visual content

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Visual content for websites and social networks

Visual content

Visual content in marbella

Visual Content, Photography and Video are the main elements that every website should have.
User loyalty and the time spent on a web page, apart from the textual content, will also depend on the visual content it has. Knowing the long-term perspective of visitors is what will keep their attention during their visit to the website.

6 reasons to use Visual Content, Photography & Video

There are 6 basic reasons to use Visual Content, Photography and Video:
1. Humans are programmed to process visual content, it is much easier to capture their attention in this way.
2. People get tired of seeing web pages overloaded with information content. According to a study, human beings are capable of processing only 134 bits per second of the 2 million bits of information they are subjected to when accessing a website. And that its initial processing is fixed in the images, videos and photographs of the site.
3. Well-designed images allow people to feel attracted to continue reading a content. On the other hand, the use of images makes the explanation of a subject more credible. At the same time, short videos with good content raise awareness among users, making them share the content.
4. Visual content is easy to digest, and is usually much more attractive and fun for users. Depending on their satisfaction with the Visual Content, Photography & Video, people feel more willing to share it with others.
5. Humans can remember visual content much faster than content presented in text. According to a study, people can remember 70% of what they see and do, 20% of what they read, and 10% of what they hear.
6. The main objective of a visual content is to keep the user’s attention during the whole stay on the website. This can be easily achieved with the use of Visual Content, Photography and Video.

Importance of Visual Content

According to the great technological advances, we are in the era of the visual, for no one is a secret that daily on social networks a lot of visual content is shared. This is due to the ease with which users are able to viralize content, visuals
that they consider attractive and relevant.
In the case of photographs, they find it attractive because it reinforces the brand’s message on the web, and the presentation of videos allows to dynamically expand the content of the web. That is why it is important to include Visual Content, Photography and Video on the website.

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