Instagram cards

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Make it easy for your customers to leave positive reviews with this card and a single gesture. When you bring the NFC card close to your mobile device, it will automatically open your business review page on Google. Increase the visibility and reputation of your brand online with google review cards



NFC cards that redirect to an Instagram account can have a number of legitimate and useful applications, especially in marketing and promoting businesses or personal profiles on social networks. Here are some examples of how these cards could be used ethically and effectively:

  1. Event promotion: At trade shows, conferences or networking events, you can distribute NFC cards that redirect to your Instagram account so attendees can easily follow you and keep up with your updates and event-related content.
  2. Marketing in physical stores: Physical stores can use NFC cards in their marketing materials, such as flyers or business cards, so that customers can quickly access their Instagram profile and learn more about their products and promotions.
  3. Restaurant and hospitality: Restaurants, bars and cafes can offer NFC cards to customers who redirect to their Instagram account, allowing them to share their experiences and photos of the venue, as well as receive updates on menus and special events.
  4. Professional networking: In business environments, NFC cards can be useful for connecting with colleagues and professional contacts quickly on platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram, enabling the exchange of digital contact information easily.
  5. Promotion of artists and content creators: Artists, musicians, photographers and content creators can use NFC cards at their exhibitions, concerts or publications to direct visitors or followers to their Instagram profiles and showcase their latest work.


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