Whatsapp Cards


WhatsApp NFC cards are an effective tool to simplify communication and direct contact with your customers or business contacts.
They facilitate fast and seamless interaction, which can improve customer experience and increase efficiency in business communication. However, it is important to use this technology in an ethical and respectful manner, obtaining consent from individuals before initiating WhatsApp conversations.



WhatsApp NFC cards can be a useful tool to facilitate communication and direct contact with customers or contacts interested in your business or service. Here are some ways these cards can be useful:

  1. Fast customer service: By providing an NFC card that initiates a WhatsApp conversation with your business number or account, you are simplifying the process for people to contact you. This can be especially useful for answering quick questions, queries or providing immediate assistance.
  2. Bookings and appointments: If you have a business where customers make reservations or appointments, NFC cards can link directly to a WhatsApp conversation so that customers can confirm or modify their reservations efficiently.
  3. Sales and business inquiries: NFC cards can be used in business cards or marketing materials to allow potential customers to contact you directly and effortlessly if they have product or service inquiries.
  4. Promotions and marketing campaigns: You can use NFC cards in your promotional material, such as flyers or posters, so that customers interested in a specific offer or campaign can access a WhatsApp conversation to get more details or make a purchase.
  5. Facilitate networking: At networking events or trade shows, NFC WhatsApp cards can be a quick way to exchange contact information and continue the conversation after the event.


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